Linlithgow Logs

Hi. I'm Neil. I've lived in and around Linlithgow for 15 years and have recently set up a small firewood delivery company, Linlithgow Logs. When I bought a woodburner a couple of years ago I wasn’t completely satisfied with the wood that I was supplied with so thought why don’t I just set up something myself? Having started Linlithgow logs in 2021, my hope going forward is that the business will generate enough profit to be sustainable whilst offering a good value, reliable, delivery service in the Linlithgow area and now Nationwide.

I now have two distribution channels. I will continue to fulfill all smaller, local orders myself from the stock I hold on a local farm. The minimum order for delivery is £70. I like doing it and hope the local market benefits from the personal touch. For larger orders in the local area, or indeed anywhere on mainland Britain and Skye I now have processing and distribution partners to fulfill these orders for me.

I have decided the simplest way to administer the pallet sales is to have the same delivery price included regardless of you being based in the Highlands or the south coast of England. I'm also hoping to be able to deliver some of the briquettes nationwide in the near future.

Due to other commitments the smaller local deliveries within a 10 mile radius will be made in the evening or at weekends and I intend to maintain service levels of next day delivery, if not same day. If you have any burning questions (do you like what I did there?) that are not covered on the website, please get in touch with me directly.

Thank you for your interest in Linlithgow Logs and I hope to be delivering to you some time in the near future.




    I'm a local supplier of very high quality kiln-dried wood and briquettes. I will deliver the day after your order comes in if I'm unable to do it the same day.

    When buying logs the two most significant factors which affect the heat output and how long they burn are the moisture content and wood species.

    With modern kilns logs can be dried in days; self-feeding boilers keep temperatures steady within the kilns, and by monitoring humidity levels in real-time with drying programmes for each specific species, my suppliers can ensure the logs are always thoroughly dried and ready to burn.

    Using wood that hasn't properly seasoned damages your flue, is bad for the environment and is largely inefficient as you end up having to burn more to generate heat.

  • You haven't sold any hardwood locally for a while, why is that?

    Its a bit of a long story. Around 70% of the kiln dried hardwood sold in the UK comes on large oil tankers from the Baltic states, including the large pallet of hardwood that I sell. Since I started this business in Nov 2021 I've probably visited around 50 websites selling wood in the UK and i cant remember seeing one that is proactively transparent with that information.

    The UK simply doesnt have the single species hardwood forests to cope with the demand. To combat this customers and suppliers have a few ways to combat this:

    • use the abundant supplies of softwood available in our country

    • use hardwood briquettes made from industrial byproducts which would otherwise go to landfill

    • rely on mixed supplies from tree surgeons

    •import from abroad

    It was actually a few of my customers who helped me come to the conclusion that I didnt want my business to have imported wood as its staple. Im only keeping the hard wood pallets available in the interests of customer choice. The hardwood briquettes that I sell do everything and more than a hardwood log can do in my opinion.

    My other big concern with imported hardwood is Im not keen on regular price hikes. I think this will be hard to avoid in the hardwood market.


    How you store kiln dried logs to ensure they remain in the same condition you bought them is actually very simple – especially if the moisture content is below 20%, as the kiln dry process changes the properties of the cells in the wood and inhibits their ability to re-absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere.

    As the best method of storing your logs is somewhere with good air-flow and under cover, open fronted log stores are the ideal solution, like the one in the picture above. Keeping logs in an enclosed space without room to breath may quickly cause damp and mould to develop although this shouldn't be the case for Kiln-dried woods.

    I currently have a range of wood stores available in the product pages which I will have prepared to need only minor assembly by me or you in the position of your choosing at your home (within 10 miles of Linlithgow). I'll also be adding some stores I'll build myself from upcycled materials over the summer.