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2m3 kiln dried Larch - tipper trailer

2m3 kiln dried Larch - tipper trailer

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Per m3 price is £130.

If you are used to bulk bags that are 80cmx80cmx80cm you'd need 4 of those to the equivalent amount of wood.  If you're looking to compare prices you're going to need a delivered price of £65 per bag to get the equivalent volume of wood at the equivalent price.  

If you're used to getting bags with dimensions of 85cmx85cmx85cm.  You're going to need 3.25 bags at a delivered price of £80 to match this price.  Not easy to find, particularly for kiln dried wood.  

The trailer holds 2.3m3 so I fill it to the top.  By the time I come down the hill and hit 20 odd speed bumps in town the load settles down a bit.  A lot of the time you'll end up getting just over 2m3 but the idea is that it will never be less.  Hopefully this will help you appreciate why the load isn't right up to the top when it arrives at your home.



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