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2m3 of ready to burn hardwood, tipped on your drive

2m3 of ready to burn hardwood, tipped on your drive

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I've been selling this wood for a while.  It's a great mixture of oak, ash,birch and alder.  It's been force air dried by a combination of a biomass boiler and solar panels.  It's between 16-20% moisture content.  To me that means it's more than dry enough but it hasn't had all the life sucked out of it and therefore will be more of a slow burn.  You can pay hardwood prices for a lot of birch from Europe and it's been dried so much that it would burn quicker than a lot of softwood.  

This wood all comes from the Scottish borders and Dumfries and Galloway.  I think it's great and I'm very happy to support the British firewood industry as opposed to buying in from Eastern Europe which is where around 60-70% of kiln dried wood sold in the UK comes from

Picture is unseasoned ash in trailer and truck....I will have a better photo soon

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