Larch for Life Bag

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Kiln-dried Larch felled and processed in the Angus glens.  Consistently dried down to around 17%.  The advantage of selling single species mass felled timber is the consistency in the process.  The moisture content is consistent when they are felled and once it's collected.  It then goes into the kiln at a consistent moisture content which helps control how much wood fuel will be required to get the logs to the desired 17%.  I sell in this way to ensure customers get the same product order after order after order.  A customer who receives anything less than dry logs can undo all the hard work in getting 100 happy customers.  I'm not prepared to take the risk.

I sell these bags locally in sizes of  50x50x50cm or 45x45x60cm.  A full bag of fully seasoned Larch will weigh around 45kg.  If you wanted to put it another way you would need about 4 of these bags to fill a standard 80x80x80cm bulk bag, if there is such a thing as a standard bulk bag.

Give it a try, all feedback welcome.  These bags are not available for delivery outside of the local 10 mile radius of Linlithgow. Stacking service included for pensioners or those that just need a hand.  

I'm doing away with the official £4 bag refund and dropping the price to £26.  I'll give anyone a pound a bag on their return.  

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